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Brownsville College Ikoyi is Cambridge approved co-educational, day and boarding secondary school established to deliver a first-class education and prepare students for the future.


During the Covid 19 Pandemic a major challenge has been presented to the educational sector, but we see it as a challenge we can overcome. Brownsville College Ikoyi has prepared a plan for two scenarios. Firstly, if students are physically allowed to return to school and secondly if student are NOT physically allowed to return to school.


Based on most experts, the Covid -19 Pandemic will last for 12-18 Months but we have seen situations whereby schools have physically resumed in parts of china and south Korea due to strict measures and guides in place. As we expect, there’s a high chance students may not be physically returning In September, so we have already created infrastructures and steps to ensure students are well taken care of if they do and if they do not.



Brownsville College Ikoyi has fully implemented the use of G Suite for Education as part of this we have been able to use google full range of educational software with Google Meet, Google Classroom, Google Slides, Google Forms. etc. 

Working at Home


For the upcoming session Brownsville College Ikoyi has also implemented numerous safety measures that will ensure it is impossible for the spread of Covid-19 to take place on the school premises.

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Flexible payment Due to the pandemic we have also offered parent a subsidized payment plan in order to ensure every child as the opportunity to learn. 

Flexible Payment Planning


At Brownsville College Ikoyi we have already re-designed our classroom to adhere to the 6 feet distance rule and comfortable fit 8 students. Our classrooms can conformably fit 12 students, but we have redesigned it in order to maintain the NCDC Guideline of 6 ft.



During this pandemic it's important students metal health are being monitored and here how we're going to help.

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