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Welcome to the world of Brownsville College Ikoyi, where teachers and other staff are committed to providing safe and rewarding learning environment for the students with The Vision; to train minds and grow a new generation of today’s children as tomorrow’s leader. And our MISSION STATEMENT: to be the best co-educational institution that runs Nigeria/British curriculum by teaching our students to be able to unleash their inner potentials and be confident.

In Brownsville college, we have varieties of programmes ;( both academics and extra-curricular) running British and Nigeria curriculum to create room for varieties and total growth. Our students’ skills in swimming, Robotics and coding, chess and more is a top notch. Also, we recognize and identify the fact that the school does not exist in isolation but belongs to a community. Hence, the need to give back to the community has always been our paramount interest.

Here in Brownsville College, child care is vital-with seasoned Educationists who are dedicated to bringing learning down to meet the needs of each child regardless of his/her differences or capabilities, and modern Educational facilities that bring comfort and ease learning. Our learning environment is structured to develop problem solving activities while the use of technology is an integral part of classroom practice so that our learner can meet the demands of today’s digitally driven society.


Child development to us is of a great value, same as academics. We strive to make our students happy, valued and respected. We raise their self-esteem and help them to be independent. As a school, supportive and collaborative spirit has always been our strength in trailing the blaze.

We look forward to receiving you and having you as a part of the family.


Mrs. Eunice Oyetoyan.

Principal, Brownsville College

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