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modern & foriegn language

Modern Languages comprises of French, Spanish and Italian at Brownsville College Ikoyi.


In French, students are introduced to a range of topics and grammar knowledge at Key Stage 3. This prepares them for the challenges of IGCSE at Key Stage 4. The French syllabus offers students the opportunity of studying the culture and the habits of another country; analysing extracts from magazines, newspapers, novels, websites, audio/visual CDs. They learn how to interpret information to improve upon their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.


Some of the texts used at Key Stage 3 are:

Year 7– Equipe Nouvelle 1 and Equipe Nouvelle CM/A and workbook. Year 8 – Encore Tricolore 2, with CM/A.

Year 9 – Encore Tricolore 3, with CM/A.


Year 10 and Year 11 concentrate on the IGCSE syllabus specifications, preparing for skills in listening, oral, reading and writing.


In Year 11, the students sit IGCSE French. (CIE)


Yoruba is only taught in Years 7, 8 & 9. The department uses a variety of resources including‘Beginners Yoruba’ by Kayode Fakinlede, ‘Yoruba Modern Practical Dictionary’ by KayodeFakinlede and ‘Dictionary of the Yoruba Language’ by

University Press.



























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