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Brownsville College Ikoyi is a unique establishment with a distinguished tradition of co-educational, day and boarding education for students aged 10-17.



Brownsville College Ikoyi was established to deliver a first class education and prepare students for the future. Brownsville College strongly reflects traditional Nigerian/British culture and values whilst also preparing its students to live and work in a highly complex, challenging and competitive world. We offer a British curriculum, aimed at giving our students a rich and balanced education in order to partake in examinations such as Cambridge Checkpoint, Cambridge IGCSE, SAT and TOEFL. There is a provision for an inclusive collaborative learning environment that enables the students to undertake the aforementioned examinations.

Brownsville College is committed to continuous improvement and this concept permeates every facet of the school culture and activity. Our motto, ‘lead with confidence’, are values that are lived and visible in our school. We are overtly value driven and seek to realize our mission and secure our aims and vision.




It is our aim to fully develop the whole boy or girl, drawing out from each, an individual’s unique talents and interests. We emphasize leadership, and opportunities exist to enable all students develop leadership skills and the ability to assume responsibilities at all levels. We endeavor to develop a reputation in the Lagos community for excellence in education and produce outstanding examination results which will enable our pupils proceed to higher education with confidence

You are cordially invited to visit our school at any time.


MOTTO : Lead with confidence

VISION: To train minds and grow a new generation of today’s children as tomorrow’s leaders

MISSION: To be the best co-educational institution that runs British and Nigerian curriculum by teaching our students to be able to unleash their inner potentials and be confident. Every child that passes through BCI will have an exciting and valuable experiences that would take him/her to adulthood




Brownsville College Ikoyi is situated within Parkview Estate that has some of the most opulent residential facilities in Nigeria, and is thought to have the most expensive real estate on the entire African continent.


During the colonial era, the island was developed as a residential cantonment for the expatriate British community and still retains many of the large colonial residences built between 1900 and 1950.


Upmarket residential properties continued to be built after the colonial period, and the Island and its Dodan Barracks became the residence of some of Nigeria’s military rulers. Ikoyi now contains many other government buildings as well as, businesses, hotels, schools, and the famous social club – Ikoyi Club 1938 and golf club – Ikoyi Golf Club.


This development enjoys serenity, security and opulence which make Brownsville College students garner unspoken benefits that instills in them the sense of taste and class.

Ikoyi includes the newer suburbs of Banana Island, Parkview Estate, and Dolphin Estate.

Moreover, Ikoyi is one of the regions with the highest amount of rainfall in Lagos with rain often exceeding 300cm every year and this gives ikoyi a stable, cool and moist weather condition.

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