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In the English Department we teach English Language and English Literature.


In English we follow the National Curriculum Framework for secondary English at Key Stage 3. Year 7, 8 & 9 cover a range of texts throughout the year. The students read at least one novel, a series of short stories, a drama and poetry.


In Year 7 the students are currently studying ‘Boys going solo’ by Ronald Dahl, ‘A man of the people by Chinu Achebe, ‘Henry VI’ by William Shakespeare, various poetry resources and Checkpoint 1 book.


In Year 8 the students are studying ‘Gansta Rap by Zaphne, ‘Great Ponds by Echi Amanda, ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare, numerous poetry resources and Checkpoint 2 book.


 In Year 9 the students study ‘No longer at ease’ by Chinu Achebe, Checkpoint 3 book incorporating ‘Macbeth’ William Shakespeare, poetry analysis using a variety of resources and ‘Hard times by Charles Dickens.


Year 10 Literature is studying ‘Merchant of Venice’ by William Shakespeare.


Year 11 Literature is studying ‘All my sons’ by Arthur Miller and ‘An inspector calls by T.B Priestly. At Key Stage 4 all students analyze poetry, in more depth than at KS3.


All years acquire various language skills, meeting the four writing triplets, which are;

  • Argue, persuade, advise.

  • Analyse, review, comment.

  • Inform, describe, explain.

  • Imagine, explore, entertain.


Exams Taken in English.


All Year 9 students sit the Checkpoint examination. (CIE)


All Year 10 students study a two year course to sit (in Year 11) IGCSE English Language Specification A (EDEXCEL)


Some Year 10 students study a two year course to sit IGCSE English Literature. (EDEXCEL)


The current Year 11 students have already passed IGCSE English as a Second Language (CIE) and are preparing for IGCSE English Language Specification B (EDEXCEL)


All Year 11 students are in their second year studying for IGCSE English Literature. (CIE)





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