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For the upcoming session Brownsville College Ikoyi has also implemented numerous safety measures that will ensure it is impossible for the spread of Covid-19 to take place on the school premises.  


BCI has already implemented the following safety measures for preparedness upon the return of staff and children.

  • Water and Soap Station 

Every individual physically walking into the establishment will be required to wash their hands upon entry into the school

  • Digital Thermometers 

Individual temperature check will also be enforced at the gate. Individuals with a temperature of higher than 37.4 C will not be allowed onto the school premises with NO EXCEPTIONS. They will be referred to the nearest hospital.

  • Hand Sanitizers 

Hand sanitizers have been placed in classrooms, lobbies and bathrooms. Upon entry to these various places, signs will be placed up to ensure students and staff are regularly using hand sanitizers as they pass through the school.

  • Designated Student Desks

Students will be given designated desk at the beginning of the term in order for them to be at one specific station through the lesson. That will disable the use of touching other desks and other students’ materials. 

  • Hourly Cleaning Patrol

Multiple cleaners are on deck in order to do regular cleaning of all the school premises each hour, wiping down surfaces, cleaning tables, door handles, etc. 

  • Facemasks 

Free disposable face masks will also be provided to both students and staffs that may not have. There will be no entry to the school without the use of face masks.

  • Signs and Posters 

Sign and posters containing important safety measures and habits will be posted around the school and also shown on our digital signages for everyone to be updated on safety protocols and also not forget the importance of practising social distancing and hygiene.

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