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Brownsville College Ikoyi was established to deliver a first class education and prepare students for the future. Brownsville College strongly reflects traditional Nigerian/British culture and values whilst also preparing its students to live and work in a highly complex, challenging and competitive world.
We offer a British & Nigerian curriculum, aimed at giving our students a rich and balanced education in order to partake in examinations such as Cambridge Checkpoint, Cambridge IGCSE, JAMB & More. There is a provision for an inclusive collaborative learning environment that enables the students to undertake the aforementioned examinations.

Why BCI?


At Brownsville College Ikoyi, we are committed to fully developing each student, nurturing their unique talents and interests. With a strong emphasis on leadership, our students have abundant opportunities to cultivate crucial skills and assume responsibilities at all levels.


We strive to establish a reputation for educational excellence within the Lagos Community, ensuring outstanding academic performance that empowers our pupils to pursue higher education with unwavering confidence.

Step into a World of Possibilities! Enroll your child at BCI for the 2024/2025 Academic Session.

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